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Welcome to Nexo Old Smokehouse, located a stone's throw to the Baltic Sea waves just north of Nexo center.

Nexo Old Smokehouse offers a large and varied assortment of smoked products each day being smoked over partial burn. The new smoked products are taken out of our ovens every day at. 11:00, where you are welcome to come and experience and smell the wonderful atmosphere of the old tradition.

If you want to enjoy a meal from our menu, we offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at our large lovely outdoor terrace with a beautiful view directly to the sea. From the terrace there is the opportunity to watch the children take a ride on our big playground.

Besides our assortment of smoked products we also offer hot and cold drinks including beer from our local brewery from Svaneke and juice from Bornholm Mosteri. We are also very proud of our homemade fish cakes which are made with cod and salmon . They are very popular in all ages!

Is it a rainy day there is the opportunity to move into our glass cabin and still be able to enjoy views of the Baltic Sea. You can also choose to pack your goods into the smokehouse and take your products home with you for a delicious lunch.

Besides food and drink we also offer a large assortment of other delicious Bornholm specialties. Oils from Lehnsgaard, The Real Bornholm Mustard, Ruts pickled herring from Christians Sø and much more.We offer good parking areas at the smokehouse or 50 meters further down theat Stenbrudsvejen.

We look forward to welcoming you at Nexo Old Smokehouse.

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​Nexø Gamle Røgeri

Stenbrudsvej 22
3730 Nexø 

Telefon: 56 49 35 22

E-mail: ngr@cafeer.dk ​​


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Vi åbner op for sæsonen den 21/03-2024 og vil holde åbent hver dag til og med 20/10-2024

Hver dag slår vi dørene op kl. 10.00, hvor alle er velkomne til at se produktionen af røgvarerne,

og hvor det er muligt at komme og opleve duften af de ny røgede produkter.

Røgvarerne tages ud af ovnen hver dag kl. 11.00.


Åbningstider køkkenet  11.00 til 19.00

Åbningstider røgeriet  10.00 til 19.00